How to make the best kombucha flavors at home

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pear basil kombucha

If you’re new to brewing kombucha at home, or if you’ve always wanted to make your own kombucha, you may be wondering how to make the best kombucha flavors at home. Some of the absolute best kombucha flavors just can’t be found in the store!

How to flavor kombucha

pear basil kombucha
How to make the best kombucha flavors

There are two simple methods to making kombucha flavors.  The first method involves making homemade juice and the second method involves using store bought juice.

It is actually not necessary to flavor your kombucha at all! The natural flavor of kombucha is amazing all on it own. If you are like me and prefer your kombucha to be naturally effervescent (fizzy with carbonation), you will want to flavor your kombucha.

Adding juice to your kombucha during second ferment is a great idea because the SCOBY loves to feed on sugar. As your SCOBY eats sugar, it ferments the tea and creates that natural effervescence.

How to make flavored kombucha | Method #1

You can actually use whole fruits and veggies to make some of the best kombucha flavors around! To use this method, you’ll need a juicer. I personally use (and love) the Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain

In the video below, I make pear basil juice (flavor idea courtesy of my friend Valerie of Thyme & Joy).  Be sure to strain your juice before you add it to flavor your kombucha. Straining will help to reduce the amount of sediment that occurs with homemade juice blends.

Disclaimer: Using juices that are not pasteurized may potentially introduce harmful bacteria, which could counteract the good bacteria in your kombucha brew. If you are planning on using a juicer to make flavored kombucha, please note that I recommend this method for personal use only. 

In the video, I mention straining another time after the second ferment is complete. You can do this at home, however since making this video, I have decided to ONLY use method #2 as I plan to share and sell my kombucha.

How to make flavored kombucha | Method #2

Use organic juice from your local grocery store, or from Amazon! I try to purchase juices that are 100% juice and do not have any additives (not even water). Knudsen ‘Just Juice’ is one of my favorite juice brands for making the best kombucha flavors.

After your first ferment is complete, pour your kombucha into bottles. I use 16 oz. Boston flint clear bottles.  With most kombucha flavors, I stop pouring kombucha near the top of the bottle where it starts to curve. Add about 1-2 oz. of juice per bottle of kombucha. You will have 14 oz. of kombucha to 2 oz. juice.

What are some of the best kombucha flavors?

Some of my favorite kombucha flavors (and my starting lineup for Jōy-ist Kombucha) are (drum roll please)…

Pineapple Blueberry


Pear Basil

Carrot Cayenne

Hibiscus Ginger Rose

Lavender Lemonade

Can you grow a SCOBY from flavored kombucha?

Yes. You can technically grow a SCOBY from flavored kombucha. However, I recommend that you do not use this SCOBY with regular brews, or with other flavored brews. Reserve your SCOBY made from flavored kombucha for that particular flavor. A SCOBY that was developed using flavored kombucha may not perform well over time, or it may slightly alter your other flavors.

Use a clean SCOBY for your regular brews. A clean SCOBY is a SCOBY that was developed using only black or green tea, and no added flavoring. It also helps to keep a backup SCOBY on hand at all times.

How to flavor kombucha (VIDEO!)

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