Miracle morning routine for kids — (how to) make life easy

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miracle morning routine for kids
miracle morning routine for kids

Perfecting the morning routine with kids is hard. It just is. Does a miracle morning routine even exist? If you’re a mama of small children, you know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t have a set place to be in the morning, getting the kiddos out of the house all in one piece is a challenge all on its own. 

I’ll be honest here. I’m historically habitually late. It’s not that I don’t want to be on time, because I do. I have two boys to corral (may as well be herding cats), and myself. Not to mention that we have two actual cats, and two Dalmatians that I need to make sure are taken care of and comfortable before we go anywhere.

This year I vowed that I would slooooow down, yet be ON TIME. The goal is to give everyone a great morning (including myself) so that we can all be our best people when we tackle the day. 

How to establish a miracle morning routine for kids: 

Wake up early. 

I set my alarm for one hour before the kids need to wake up. And then I hit my snooze button for exactly one hour and then I run and wake up the kids. Just kidding. That’s only some mornings (I’m still not perfect!). Honestly, if you can get yourself up and ‘ready’ before you wake up the kids, it makes a world of difference. I promise.

Wake the kids up BEFORE they actually need to be up. 

In our house we struggle with waking up period. I am by nature more of a night owl and it seems my kids are too. They never want to go to sleep, and then struggle with waking up (regardless of how much sleep they’ve had!). This school year, I vowed it would be different. Easier. More relaxed. 

Now I wake up the kids about 30 minutes before they need to be awake and moving. I let them pick their favorite cartoons and they watch TV while relaxing in bed, all cozy. This gives them time to wake up slowly. By the time they need to be getting dressed, they are awake enough and it’s EASY to tell them it’s time to get dressed. 

Keep a routine! 

Once you’ve established wake up times, keep a structured routine to help the morning process flow on a regular basis. When it’s time for the kids to get dressed, I have their clothes laid out every morning. Some days they choose to change what I’ve laid out and that’s perfectly okay. They know that as soon as I tell them it’s time to ‘get up’, they are expected to go potty, get dressed, and brush their teeth. Then they come downstairs, put their shoes on and sit at the kitchen counter for breakfast. We rotate through cereal, eggs, and the occasional French toast or pancakes. 

You may be thinking, who has time in the morning to make pancakes, eggs, or French toast?! That’s weekend food for sure! See tip number 1. If you wake up early enough, you have plenty of time. It’s really amazing how much that one-hour of being awake ahead of the kids can make such a huge difference on the flow of the morning routine (and of the whole day moving forward!).

Set the expectation. 

When you’re ready to take your morning routine to the next level (and also make your morning routine surprisingly easy), let your kids know! I’ve found that if you outline the intention with kids upfront, they can better follow along with your plans. Let them know your plans for the morning, and make it fun! They will be excited that they get to do something THEY LIKE to do right away, and it will make waking up so much easier.

Put the kids to bed early and/or on time. Not every day will be perfect, but every day can be more perfect if you set a bedtime for the kids and stick with it. Explain to the kids that it’s important for them to go to sleep early because they’ll get to wake up earlier to watch their favorite show before school. Again, expectation is half the battle and your kids might just love the idea!

If you need tips on putting kids to sleep, it helps to have a regular morning routine, set expectations, and give them something to look forward to in the morning (sound familiar?). I also let my kids watch something educational and somewhat monotone like 72 Cutest Animals on Netflix. My kids love the 72 series at night, including the ones about dangerous animals and extraordinary places to live (they are ages 5 & 7). If you don’t do televisions in the kids’ rooms, you could also do a regular story time routine, or something similar.

Why having a morning routine for kids helps

While this miracle morning routine works for us, I feel like us mamas need all the help we can get. Do you have a morning routine that works for your family? Share it in the comments below! You never know who can benefit from your experiences or your morning routine ideas! 💛

Miracle morning routine for kids (VIDEO!)

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