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Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue bottle buyback for the time being and foreseeable future. Several reasons are contributing to this change. 

Primarily, the health and safety of our customers is of utmost importance. With COVID-19 case numbers steadily increasing in South Carolina, we feel that we don’t know enough about the virus to safely retrieve and clean bottles. 

Virus aside, we frequently retrieved bottles that were not rinsed prior to returning — some of which developed mold. These bottles unfortunately were not able to be properly cleaned or reused due to safety concerns.

We also experienced some issues with the 1:1 buyback honors system. Say what?! This means that we received orders with more bottle buyback discounts than new kombucha bottles being ordered. The program was intended to take $1 off each new bottle of kombucha, not to pay additional for bottles that we are taking back. We let this go in each case, however this ultimately affects the amount that we are able to donate to local non-profits as our profit levels are disproportionately reduced.

We whole heartedly believe that it is important to care for the environment. While the bottle buyback program has been discontinued, we encourage you to wash & reuse your own bottles or recycle them. The bottles make great reusable water bottles or even containers for homemade dressings and other liquids. The labels peel off easily and excess sticky residue can be removed quickly with an SOS pad.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for understanding!





Keep your bottles and caps in tact and get $1 off per bottle on your next order! When you are ready to return bottles, simply add the bottle buyback ‘product’ to your cart, and make sure to increase the quantity to match the number of bottles being returned. The amount being returned cannot be more than the new amount purchased.

For deliveries, please be sure that your bottles are set out on the porch for pickup in advance of your delivery.

Have questions? Email for assistance.

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